The Inauguration

The Inauguration took place on January 20. After Vice-President Mike Pence was sworn in at 11:42 A.M. (local Time), Donald J. Trump took his oath at noon. After it, he gave his Inaugural Address, which led to many questions for me. For example: Why does he have to repeat so many of his sentences? It’s not the kind of repetition which goes into your head, but the annoying one where you think that the guy who speaks only got a 300-word dictionary in total. Also regarding the content: Does he know that only a slow system of government will lead to prosperity and wealth for all in the long term? Instead, he accuses every politician of being corrupt. As someone who is the head of the system, he should face the problems, but not create demons where no demons are.

Pictures of the week

President Donald J. Trump takes the oath on Lincoln’s and the own bible.


No Copyright, because it was made by a White House photographer (downloaded from Wikipedia).

Women’s March on Penn Ave in Washington on January 21st.


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Trump signs first executive order regarding the “economic burden” of Obamacare. The Order tries to implement a “more free and open healthcare market”.


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Executive Orders and other Legislation

The first four executive orders were signed in his first week.

The first one, as mentioned above, effectively minimized the effort of any federal agency regarding health care. I, personally think that the topic of healthcare is simply too important to give the competence to the free markets or the States.

The second Order Trump signed, gave the Chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) enormous power. He is to decide which infrastructure projects are prioritized high or not. Agencies have to account for delays in such projects. This is an order I can agree with. It’s easier to get projects done when someone is in charge and others have to explain their actions.

A more controversial piece of legislation is about immigration. In section 5 Trump orders the executive branch to remove certain aliens. Bulletpoints (c) to (e) are by far the critical point. Even though no judge has charged them, foreigners can be removed when they commit a criminal offense. This means that, if they want to, illegals can be removed when somebody accuses them of a crime. He doesn’t have to be sentenced to jail before being removed, which is, in my opinion, insane.

“Wall-Order”: The fourth and last order of the week is the one to fulfill his promises to his voters. It says that there is to build a physical wall on the border with Mexico in order to stop criminals in drug- or human trafficking networks. It also implements a monthly statistic how many crimes were committed by foreigners, which may lead to prejudice against Latinos in general.

Other Topics

Press Secretary Sean Spicer told the Press on the day after the Inauguration that there were more people attending the ceremony than ever in history, which led to great laughter on the Internet because it’s simply not true. The day after the incident Kellyanne Conway, the counselor to the president, told that Spicer gave “alternative facts” and not lies, which also went viral.

Scientists in the US fear that they might be silenced if they still take climate change as a fact. For example, some NASA employees created @RogueNASA because they fear of being silenced by the government. Scientists in the US plan to make a “Scientist’s march” like the Women’s march at the start of the week.


In his first week in office, Trump made his first own decisions. For example, he started the project of his wall or made the turnover in the Mexico-City-Policy. Many Ambassadors have resigned as well as four high officials in the State Secretary in this week, which will lead to problems in his foreign policies. Also, the Mexican president refused to meet up with him after the Wall Order was signed because Mexico doesn’t want to pay for the wall as Trump wants them to do.

All in all, you can see that he has to face many problems in the foreign affairs. This will haunt him next months. Voters will be pleased by his fast way of making things, but this was the first week in which every step he made was strictly observed by the whole world. In some weeks the media will not look only on his Actions, but again on the whole worlds’.

Question of the Week

Do you think that the protectionism he tries to establish will work?

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