On his second day in office, Trumps Administration published their papers regarding the basic policies the Administration wants to introduce. In this article, I want to sum up each one of those plans and give a statement on them.

“An America First Energy Plan”

As in all policies he is currently introducing, he wants to protect America. Removing Regulations (i.e. The Climate Action Plan) will, in his eyes, bring the workers “$30 Billion over the next 7 years”. In Addition to that, he wants to use the oil in gas on American soil to boost the economy with the profit from the energy production.  Another side-effect would be independence from the OPEC states. It also says that these policies will support the national security through an Anti-Terror strategy with the Gulf allies. This is questionable in my view because how should they counter Terrorism when they don’t have the money from one of the biggest energy consuming nation? You can see that only small countries with little population had a higher energy consumption per capita in 2009. We will see if this will work out.


Copyright by the European Environment Agency as downloaded from their website (under CC BY 2.5 DK license)

“America First Foreign Policy”

Trumps Foreign Policy is best described with the proverb “The best defense is a good offense”. Trump wants to defeat Daesh and other radical Islamic groups by force and take more diplomatic actions on the other hand. These are the only points which are only mentioned here. Why the Writers have to repeat themselves and show two similar topics, which have to do something with foreign policy but have their own pages (compare to “Making Our Military Strong Again” and more importantly “Trade Deals That Work For All Americans” because it’s copied without any change) is not to be seen anywhere. How a stronger Military will work together with diplomatic actions is a question which remains unresponded.

“Making Our Military Strong Again”

This paper is announcing the rebuild of the military. It’s not stated why here, but in the Foreign Policy Paper, as mentioned above. Also, Cyberwarfare is seen as a crucial point, even though Trump doesn’t think that the presidential elections were rigged (see here). Two enemies of the US are mentioned in the Paper: Iran and North Korea. A new “state of the art” anti-Missile system should be launched in short time against these foreign threats since they possibly have weapons to attack American soil. In the end, the President demands progress in the Department of Veteran Affairs in order to help those who served the country. Again, demons are created by stigmatizing all employees as corrupt. I’m sure we will see many changes here soon.

“Trade Deals That Work For All Americans”

New Trade Policies are defined by this paper (and as we all know: “The one who defines, reigns). As the most important point, the withdrawal from TPP (and already has been set in action: see this Memorandum) and the renegotiations of NAFTA (maybe with the same outcome) are declared. The “blue-collar towns” are used as a reason for this. The next step is to pick on nations which “abuse” the trade negotiations (such as Germany). All in all, with the article about Germany in consideration I think that Trump only wants to see Americans profit from Trade and all the others lose. Which effects this would have has to be seen in the future.

“Bringing Back Jobs And Growth”

Another economic aspect is the one of Jobs and Growth. In this graph by the World Bank, you can see the annual GDP Growth Rate of the US in percent. Trump wants to get this growth rate to 4%. Currently, the US has an annual growth rate of 2.5%. I think it’s hard to achieve the goal since it was last taken before the Dotcom Bubble burst (1999). In contrast to that India had a GPD growth of 7.5% in 2015. This is due to the fact that there is an uprising economy whereas the US is already industrialized. This can be seen good in this graph, which shows that the actual GDP’s of both countries share a huge gap. Since there is no big technological advance nearby the US will have a “small” growth the next years.

So all in all, the project itself can’t be criticized, but the way Trump tries to do it can. Protectionism and Mercantilism won’t lead to prosperity since the US can’t produce everything. Next to those actions, there will also be a new Tax system, which shall be easier than the one currently used.

Personally, I’m totally convinced that all of this won’t have the effect, that Trump hopes to achieve.

“Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community”

The last “issue” on the White House’s Website is again focused on Security. The Administration argues that through a  stronger Law Enforcement Community people will be safer while stressing that the Second Amendment will be defended on all judiciary levels. I’m worried that this may lead to a bad view on protesters because it’s stated that the police shouldn’t make life comfortable for looters and rioters, which is clear. But on the other hand, you have to consider that a common disapproval of protest may lead to laws not respecting the first Amendment. Again there is the announcement of Deportations of “illegal aliens”.


Everything put together, his basic plans can be called very nationalistic and protectionistic. Trump sets his focus on economy and security, even though other topics like healthcare or the environment (side note: Both of them are not mentioned once in these papers) are more important in the long run. How much of them can be put into action of them has to be awaited.

Some of the aspects, as well as the language used in the papers mentioned here, have something in common with Fascist Laws and Language from Italy or Germany. This is alarming! My hopes lay on the Supreme Court and the Congress who will have the commitment to freedom and equality to stand up against inhuman laws and acts of the President. It’s not called System of Checks and Balances for nothing, is it?

Closing Words

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