This list was created by an active user of my Blog, lucky1luke. He was so kind and gave it to me in order to publish it. So all credits belong to him.

Want a list of bad things trump has done since in office?
•Banned EPA from new hiring
•Threatened EPA with budget cuts
•banned the department for agriculture’s research arm from publishing
•called NATO obsolete
•called the EU obsolete
•has removed every mention of climate change from the
•banned EPA from giving press conferences
•revived the Keystone pipeline
•has removed pro-LGBTQ segments from
•reinstated the “global gag rule”
•started censoring climate change advocates
•revived the Dacota access pipeline project
•started pushing EPA to remove climate change from its web page
•ordered to build a border wall
•wants to reinstate waterboarding and other torture methods used by the CIA
•mandates EPA scientist to run studies past “political officials” who decide what is to be published
•still trying to force Mexico to pay for “the badly needed wall” via Twitter
•moved the Doomsday clock 30 s to 2½ minutes in Midnight
•has started repealing the ACA without any form of backup plan
• banned residents of 7 Country’s from entering the US
•promised a 20% import tax on one of the US most important Trade Partners
•refusing to take responsibility for the consequences of what he foes
•sacked an attorney general for pointing out the stupidity of the refugee ban and telling people to not enforce it
•wants to abolish the Johnson amendment, a strong part of church/state separation
•wants to abolish the Dodd-Frank reform, often referred to as one of Obama’s masterpieces, deregulating who Banks can loan money to (remember what happened last time they did that ? )
•continues to attack anyone who (mostly rightfully) criticizes him, including federal Judges

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