24 Days

That’s apparently the estimated time for a National Security Advisor to be in office under President Donald J. Trump. As we can see, Michael T. Flynn only did just that. He resigned on February 13 because of a “Trust issue” as Press Secretary Spicer put it on Valentine’s days Press Briefing. This was not because he committed treason by violating the Logan Act, which is thought so by Sally Yates (former Acting Attorney General) and other officials (read more here), but because he lied to Vice President Pence about the topic. He may have violated that act by having some conversations with russian officials which may have been about the sanctions Obama gave on Russia at his end of his term. Another time Trump has proven that he doesn’t care about who works with him as long as they support him and his lies in every way. This was the next major hit against the Trump Administration after the Muslim Ban was repealed by courts as unconstitutional (read here especially under “Executive Orders and other Legislation”).

All in all, there were so many topics to write this introduction about but this one was the first one occurring. The other topics will be mentioned below under “Other Topics”.

Photos of the Week

The first one isn’t actually a Photo but a video. Look on Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau having an awkward handshake with Trump, just as Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe and Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court had.

And these pictures were made by club members when Trump and Abe had a security meeting with their advisors about another Missile launched by North Korea. This is just ridiculous to see ordinary citizens being able to look on classified documents and make photos of the scene. And Trump, on the other hand, is complaining that agencies leak classified information. They just do as you do, Donald!

Executive Orders and Other Legislation

This week was no executive order announced. But in Contrary to the last weeks there is some pending legislation. This is due to the fact that the Senate can finally pass laws again after it had to deal with so many nominations (Some nominations are still not confirmed but the number of people who have to be confirmed is getting fewer).

On my behalf: Since I already summed up these legislations there will just be a short notice of its presidential approval. Only if it’s vetoed for whatever reason it will be stated why.

The first one nullifies the law to check if people have a mental disorder and thus are not allowed to possess a weapon. The original law was put up after a mass shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007 when a student with a mental disorder was able to possess a weapon. This one will be signed by Trump with a 100% certainty.

The second law makes the NASA encourage young women to study in the STEM field, which is normally dominated by men. That’s a law where I’m not certain of the President’s Sign since he made quite a lot degrading remarks on Women. But in the end, it will be signed because it will show him in the best light.

The third piece of legislation goes along with the second one but focuses on adult women and wants more encouragement for them to work in the STEM field. Here it’s the same as above law. I think it will be signed in the end.

Other Topics

Trump’s first nominee for secretary of state withdrew from his nomination due to little support in the Senate. Another hit for the Trump Administration, even though it’s a minor one.

The Media was again under attack by the President. But I don’t want to go into detail here since I want to write a special entry on this one the next days.

Question of the Week

Thanks for the answers on last week’s question!

So here is the next one:

Will Michael T. Flynn be persecuted on the grounds of the Logan Act?

Closing Words

All the information is gathered by me from Official Governmental Websites (such as http://www.whitehouse.gov) and reliable news sites from any kind of political side. Photos are from different kinds of Websites but stated in all cases from where.

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