This week’s hot topic were the Reforms Trump promised on the Affordable Care Act, or as it’s commonly known: ObamaCare. To recall it into your memory: This was, next to his efforts against climate change, Obama’s biggest legacy, which was always controversial and widely opposed by the Republicans. It gave health insurance to many Americans, which was very much needed since the prices for Medicine and Doctors and their staff are unbelievably high. It gave many people in the US the possibility to recover from Illnesses. In other countries, for example, many European ones, this was common since decades.

Republicans opposed it since years. And now they can change it since there is a President who won’t veto their bill. So what are the main points of this new bill, the GOP thought of?

  • Repeals The Individual Mandate (The Tax Penalty For Not Having Health Insurance Coverage)
  • Provides Coverage For Those With Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Allows Children To Stay On Parents Plan Until They Are 26
  • Medicaid Expansion Is not Impacted Until 2020
  • Replaces Subsidies With Refundable Tax Credits
  • Removes The 3.8% Tax On Individuals Earning More Than $250,000 A Year
  • Places More Focus On Encouraging People To Open Health Savings Accounts

~ Taken from TrumpCare, a webpage trying to get the facts straight, as you can read on their About page. They are not funded by any Party nor company and there are no Advertisement on the site. I checked many facts by myself and all of them are true so I guess it’s credible.

Meanwhile, even the Republicans are not behind it all together: Breitbart and Politico are both quoting conservative Republicans not calling it TrumpCare but RyanCare (after the Republican Speaker of the House, who strongly supports the bill), ObamaCare Lite, or ObamaCare 2.0. The bill is again very controversial. For conservative Republicans it’s not radical enough, for Democrats it’s bad because (after their review) 20 million people will lose their Health Care through this bill. Democrats are also moaning that the Cost of it wasn’t checked and fear it may be over the budget limits and lead to more federal Debt. In the end, we will see if it passes both House and Senate and which Amendments will be made to it by either side.

Pictures of the Week

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan giving a speech on the GOP’s new Plans for Health Care.
The Empire State Building was lightened pink on Wednesday for the international Women’s Day (This is just a representation of it which is licensed under CC)

Even the President, famous for sentences like “I can grab ’em by the pussy” found some warm words on women in his weekly address on YouTube. Also, his Press Secretary gave a longer statement in the Press Briefing on Wednesday.

Executive Orders and other Legislation

Yay! Another Muslim Ban has been invoked by Trump. This time it’s far more detailed and leaves out Iraq, you know the country which was invaded by George W. Bush in 2003, basically for its efforts against Daesh. This time Green Card holders, Dual Pass holders, and Visa holders are not included. You can see that this time they put more effort in it to leave it in action longer and, to prevent chaos, they set a date to get it into action (March 16) and didn’t have it for immediate activation. The last Muslim Ban is revoked with the Effective Day.

Question of the Week

Will the TrumpCare Act pass both House and Senate in its current status?


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