You can threaten us, but we will look down at you contemptuously.

You can set fire to houses, but we will extinguish it.

You can lie, but we will fight for the truth.

You can deny history, but we will not grow tired of reminding you.

You can insult and defame us, but we will point a finger at you.

You can close your eyes, but we will have a closer look.

You can threaten our families with death, but we will report you to the police.

You can throw your hate into our society, but we will not respond.

You can cast your stone, but we will answer with arguments.

You can try to intimidate us, but we will gain strength.

You can roll over us like a steamroller, but we will stand united in front of it.

You won’t get our silence.

There’s a Pattern in every move of you.

It’s not new.

Ask the Jews. Ask ethnic minorities. Ask the Polish. Ask the French.

You will get Attention, yet filled with disgust.

You will get funds, yet filled with distrust.

You will get everything, yet nothing.

We will stand together.

We will be strong.

We are many.

Adapted and translated from

Added parts myself.