This week has been full of continuing the work Trump started. Neil Gorsuch, the Presidential nominee for the vacant seat in the SCOTUS, had his first hearings. For more Information on him visit the Article of Trump Week Two, in which I introduced him and lined out how he might act if elected.

Also, TrumpCare has its decisive moments today since Trump threatened the House Republicans to finally vote on the matter of the bill he wants to see in action.  This Bill is widely opposed by both Republicans and Democrats.

The very conservative Republicans, most notably the group “Freedom Caucus”, thinks that it is not enough and that there shouldn’t be any federal healthcare at all. That’s why Trump criticized them on Twitter:

 Democrats oppose the bill because they think that too many people will lose health care (about 20 million according to different studies) and because they don’t want to see Obama’s legacy to be flushed down the toilet.

Republicans can allow 21 of them to vote against the bill to still get it introduced but already 29 Republican Representatives announced to vote against it.

The result will be there after the Publication of this article so we can argue about it in the comments afterward or next week.

Picture of the Week

Photo: AP Photo/Evan Vucci As taken from

President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel had their first meetings last Week. The Picture of him refusing to give her a handshake went viral. Isn’t that a coincidence that Trump, who wanted to introduce two  Muslim Bans, refuses to give a woman a handshake? Isn’t that the thing that far-right populists take to show that Muslims can’t fit into the society? Well. Trump does the same. Or as Press Secretary Spicer put it: “Trump didn’t hear Merkel asking for a handshake”.

Executive Orders and other Legislation

Only a Bill regarding the NASA was signed this week by the President. It follows the “America First” slogan and creates a hierarchy for Space Missions, which means that the government shall acquire transportation service to Space in this line up:

  1. Federal U.S. Transport Systems
  2. Commercial Transport Systems (e.g. SpaceX)
  3. Foreign Entities (as long as qualified)

This weakens the link between the countries which worked together only for Space Exploration, for example, Russian and the US whose first link after the fall of the USSR was the field of technology.

Question of the Week

Will the Exploration of Space stagnate due to nationalism?


Jon Bochy did the Summarization of the Week last time for the first time. Thanks for your work Jon!

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