… is what Trump faced last Friday after the publication of Trump Week Nine. Republicans took back their Draft for a new Health Care Plan. House Speaker Ryan and Donald Trump were hugely in favor of this bill but as foreseen the Freedom Caucus and the Democrats made it fail. “So sad”. For more info about it visit the last three articles, Seven, Eight, and Nine.

The president announced his new priority afterward. A Tax Reform. But instead, he took actions on energy. We all know that Trump doesn’t think Climate Change exists, that’s why he signed an order again supporting the coal industry. There will be more on that later at the Executive Orders Header.

Do you remember Michael T. Flynn? If not you may read Trump Week Four. He announced he will testify on the Trump-Russia ties but only under the condition of immunity. This is very questionable in my view. There have to be illegal (!) ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. If there wasn’t there wouldn’t be the necessity of immunity for him. Of course, criticism rose because of it being a witch hunt as some say, for example, Rob Schneider, former Saturday Night Life actor, on Twitter:

Picture of the Week


Scott Pruitt, head of the EPA, and Mike Pence, the Vice President, look very happy, don’t they? Others don’t quite feel like this. Michael Moore, famous for his critical movies said the following on Twitter:

So maybe we will be remembered as the generation looking at this man bringing down the humanity and all its efforts.

And I don’t really want to be in this silent part of this generation, thus writing this blog.

Executive Orders and Other Legislation

The first Order this week revoked Executive Orders of Obama regarding safer Workplaces. It also focused on LGBTQ rights at the workplace. Will these lead to bad working conditions for example at the Border Wall being built in the middle of nowhere?

The second Order was, as said, about “Energy Independence”. This one may lead to a revocation of Laws regarding the Paris Agreement and on Soil and water arable and life worthy for both humans and animals. So, I guess, Climate Change is a thing now.

The third Order tackles the Problems of a Drug addiction/Opium Crisis. This is, as far as I know, a real Problem and the Action to this look fine for me theoretically: a Commission, appointed by the President, is established. This Commission shall make proposals for the Administration how to tackle the Problem. But the experience is that the opinion of the President is very biased and will almost certainly blame Mexicans or Foreigners in General.

Question of the Week

Will Michael Flynn get to testify illegal ties to Russia as many people think?


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