The World at war.

Since every US-President has to deliver bombs, Trump uses his military force to bomb a headquarter of the IS this week. The biggest non-nuclear bomb, so-called “mother of all bombs” was used. The official task of this operation is fighting against international terrorism, fight terrorism with the strongest forces there are. But this bomb attack, that killed 36 terrorists, is just the peak of a questionable military strategy!

It started a few days ago when Trump ordered a military strike on the air base in Syria, from where chemical attacks, that killed at least 80 civilians, were launched. There is no doubt that those chemical attacks of the Syrian government are a crime against humanity have to be criticized very strongly, but it does not justify a war of aggression. In fact, Trump’s bomb attack was nothing more than a crime. The International law just doesn´t allow such attacks and that is for good reason.

But the world doesn´t seem to notice that because instead of criticism even the New York Times reacted positively! It is clear that terrorism can not be tolerated but if we start to ignore our own law in order to fight back it leads to a path of violence. Unjustified attacks and war crimes can not be the solution because terror can´t be fought with terror.

Picture of the Week

USS Carl Winson

The USS Carl Winson, one of the biggest nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, is on its way to North Korea in order to demonstrate the military power of the United States.

Donald Trump explained that “North Korea is Problem that will be taken care of” and now we can see what taking care of means.

Executive Orders and Other Legislation

This week was no executive order announced. But there was a legislation that according to the New York Times cuts off federal funding from several groups that perform abortions in order to “impose curbs on reproductive rights”.  This means that for example “Planned parenthood” can´t provide other health care services like breast cancer screenings. Another time that Trump just nullifies an Obama-Legislation.

Question of the Week

Can Trump’s military strategy be supported?

Closing Words

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