An Apology

I started my Spotify playlist today and the first song that came up with the random system was “Back in Black” by the famous, classic, Australian Rock Band AC/DC. This brought my thoughts up to this blog because I owe you an Apologize.

I’m sorry that you didn’t hear anything from this blog since mid-April. This was the Time my finals meddled in and unfortunately, Jon Bochy’s laptop broke down. These are the two reasons you didn’t hear something on here.

Surprisingly, the number of my followers rose in that time still, especially from people from India and especially on my Facebook Page. Also, I want to use this entry to my blog to thank you all for your Patience.

Pingback Thanks!

The blog “tofulltowrite” had an interview with the writer David M. Kelly through which I got some views on my blog since I had an entry to the word “pattern” at the Daily Prompt but read more here.

Follower Thanks

And today magically marked the day of the 1000 views on this day… what a concidience 😀


  • From July 7th on, the Weekly Rhythm will be reestablished.
  • Summaries of the missed weeks will follow under the week
  • Additional 2-3 entries shall come with all the above.

Closing Words

Thank you for the Patience again and wish me luck.