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Or: The End is near


About this

In this blog, we mainly want to write about the actions and speeches of Trump, the 45th President of the United States. It should be weekly, but please accept it, when we can’t do it. We want to do this as objective as we can.

Other Topics will have some place here to and will be designated as such.

Since we don’t speak English as mother tongue, feel free to correct our mistakes. We also look forward to debate with people around the globe, as long as it stays productive and without insults.

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About the Authors

Hey, everyone! My name is Bill Crux and I’m interested in Politics, Music, and Gaming since I can think. This is actually a pen name so don’t be too confused!



Hey there! I am Jon Bochy and I´m fascinated by history, philosophy, and politics. I am not a native speaker. Good luck during the Trump-Administration!

Jon Bochy


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